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Aw Facebook, thank you for getting me back in touch with my high school peeps! Who knew you were the portal to my new and improved expanded social life in real life? by social, i mean sex. OK, just one of them: A former high school buddy, who by coincidence lives in a nearby neighborhood, told me he has had a crush on me since then. Well, although he is in good shape, tall, handsome-ish, he's not really my type--but it's always nice to have some nice attention right?

Oh did i mention I have a boyfriend? So depending on the situation, i claim either to be in an exclusive relationship.. or not. Why? Well, for starters, I'm not really big on monogamy, so we have a deal where it's not required. And=he isn't available as much as I like, and I am not one for delayed gratification. Listen- same for him, he may fuck whom he pleases if he pleases. it works for us. But i digress.

So in this situation, I claimed monogamy to keep my fan at bay. Despite his repeated pawing, friends we remained. Until...dammit, it's Thanksgiving, and the boyfriend is traveling. I'm a little tipsy, I have a phone in my hand, and it's been a couple weeks since I got laid. Fanboy has been texting all day, so....

Me: "I'm drunk, come over".
Him: "Be right there."

He's not stupid.

So I made sure to continue drinking until he got there, and everything is going well, (I had in fact checked his size before, so I knew he would suffice). so... The sex was ..fine. Regular--making out, missionary, me on top. And the finale was about to cum. and then, at the end, he made a noise..like a ..sneeze. Um...OK...? that's not quite the usual response but anyhoo...

Hey listen, even bad pizza is still pizza, so now that boy is on the roster as a back up plan. They can't all be earthshattering. Next!


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Jan 26, 2012 08:41 PM - Booty Call - by Happy Thanksgiving! (woman)


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