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So about a year ago, i was working up in alaska at this restaurant/bar. i would work in the kitchen as a cook on some nights and bar tend on others, it just depended on what my boss told me. One day i was scheduled to be a cook, so there i was getting things prepped for the night, when my boss comes in, she is upset, and tells me the two bar tenders have called in sick and needs me to work the bar with her. its a small kitchen and the other guys had no problem working one guy down, so i worked with her. Now i enjoyed working the bar more, i get tips, see plenty of sexy ladies, and i get to take a free shot ever so often, thanks to the happy grateful drunks. But on this particular night, i was working with the boss, a bombshell, she's an ex-vegas stripper. She looks like she stepped out one of my Milf pornos. Now being we're in alaska, she wasn't in typical sexy bar tender apparel, but it was still obvious she has a hell of a body. Those tight jeans really made her ass look good. Working behind the bar, there was not much space, so had to squeeze by, slide between the tight places.. as the night goes on the bar gets busy, so we're moving around alot, we keep squeezing by each other, her tight ass sliding across the front of my pants so many times. i could have turned and done butt-to-butt when making our pass, but i wanted to feel her ass on my dick... i think she knew this cause every once in awhile she stuck her ass out a little more than she needed, plus she was always catching me watching her when she leaned or bent over, i think the shots i took may have thrown off my stealthiness... finally we close for the night, we start our clean up and cash out, it was typical that we have a few drinks while doing so, we finish up and just chill, waiting on the guys from the back to come get her for the walk thou of the kitchen. As we wait she tills me thanks for helping her out, i told her it was a pleasure, she replied " it could be.." then the guys said they were done and ready for her to check the back, she told me to just wait here, she'll be back. So i went and poured me another drink. It only takes a few minutes to look over the back, so assumed she would be right back, but it was taking her longer, i waited, finished my drink, and decided to pour me a beer, when doing so she returns and demanded i pour her one also, i said " you're the boss". we sat behind the bar talking back and forth, the conversation went in a sexual direction, we ended up taking a few more shots too. She asked if i wanted another beer and said yeah, so she squeezed by real slow, just enough for me to sneak in a kiss. That stopped her dead, and we went deep into each others throats. i was grabbing on her ass and feeling up under her shirt on her big soft tits. i tried to get my hand down her pants, but damn those jeans where tight, but from the warmness of her jeans i could tell she was getting wet. i was thinking i'm mos def getting a blow job, so i started to undo my pants, then she backed off saying not at the bar, we should go to her place. But i was already hard and ready for her wet mouth around my dick, so i pulled it out, balls and all. When she saw what i did she walked up a started to stroke me saying at her place i would be getting her mouth, tits, pussy, and ass.. as she told me this i got harder with every word, and she must have felt me throbbing bigger and bigger because she got down and licked me from my balls to tip. i told her to just suck on the tip, so she wrapped her hands around my shaft and started slurping up all my precum, and stuffed me deeper and deeper into her mouth, in only a few moments i was throat fucking her. I pulled off her shirt, so i can see her full ample breast, with all the spit and precum dripping from my cock and her lips her tits got wetter and wetter , so i told her push her boobs tight together, i wanted to titty fuck those things. I remember her nipples where hard as i squeezed my dick between them, she had them pushed together pretty tight, it felt warm and wet, i thought i was going to cum, she had her mouth open and tongue out like she was ready for it, but i stood her up and bent her over one of the bar stools, i got her pants pulled down around her ankles, she had boots on so thats as far as i could get them. And i didn't need to worry about panties, she wasn't wearing any, i licked my fingers just to give her pussy ready for my "rocket" but she was so slippery i just slipped on inside, i pounded deep, balls deep, the sounds of my balls slapping against her clit and our heavy breathing filled the empty bar. she wanted in her ass, so she got down on the floor and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart to open up her tight hole. I spit on it a few times then licked my thumb, so i get it to open up a little, i then split my dick i pushed inside nice and slow, finally i was able get all the way inside her. I sled in and out her tight ass as she rubbed her shaved pussy, she came hard and her ass grabbed my cock so tight i was close, i asked where she wanted me to cum, being that i was fucking raw dog. i typically pull out and bust my nut on a girls tits or face, but being she was down for anal i was hoping to fill her ass full of my jizz, and lucky me she said "i want you to cum in my ass".. I grabbed on to her great hips and just pounded away, so much i knocked over the computer off the bar, with her screaming out i busted nut in her ass. It was a good nights work...


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Feb 28, 2012 11:14 PM - Bar - by nerdxxx (man)


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