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My wife and I were heading to Vegas for a weekend getaway and we decided to have some Vegas fun and hire an escort. This was our first time to ever try something like this. We searched and finally found someone that would meet with us. When the escort arrived at the hotel, she called so that we could meet downstairs to get past security. Both my wife and I were nervous, but we were excited for what was about to happen.

Once in our room, we all talked for a while and discussed what we wanted to do. Since this was our first time, the escort tried to make both my wife and I feel at ease. Then the fun started. Both my wife and the escort asked where I wanted them to start. I requested that they start by kissing each other and taking each other’s dresses off in front of me. They happily agreed to my request and started making out with each other. I was sitting on the chair and it was extremely hot watching my wife make out with another woman. Then, the dresses started to come off. Both my wife had on bra and panty sets that made the kissing even hotter.

Then, they both decided to turn to me. They asked that I get up and we all started kissing each other. As my hands explored both of their bodies and they started to take my clothes off. Soon enough I was down to nothing except a very hard cock. They both decided to give me a tag team blow job. These two sharing my cock was one of the best views any guy could have.

The ladies then stood up and I helped them finish removing each other’s bras and panties. Now there was just naked bodies and who could ever complain about two sexually charged naked women who wanted to make me happy. We all moved to the couch where the tag team blow job continued, with an occasional time where each woman would come up and make out with me. Then, my wife said that it was time for the escort to fuck me. So, on went a condom and on climbed the escort. It may be that my wife was more turned on to see her fucking me than I was. While she fucked me, I was kissing her, sucking her tits and my wife stayed busy with playing with my balls, kissing the escort and also playing with her tits. My wife would also turn to me now and then to kiss me.

We switched it up again this time with me and my wife licking the escort's pussy. It was extremely hot to see my wife licking another woman’s pussy. We continued our work and the first O of the night was there. The ladies said it was my turn so they started the tag team blow job again while I was standing up. After just a couple minutes, I exploded all over their tits as they pushed them together. This was another extremely hot view, my cum landing all over two pairs of gorgeous tits.

As the escort returned with a towel, my wife said it was her turn to cum so the escort and I started working on her. We took turns licking her pussy and then, I stayed to lick while the escort was making out with my wife, licking her tits and fingering my wife’s pussy. Before too long, my wife had the orgasm she requested.

We all moved to the bed to relax a little bit. The ladies then moved over to the chaise near the bed and started working on each other while I watched. They made out for a little bit and then the escort started licking my wife’s pussy again. I watched as they made out and licked each other and played with myself while this was going on. Before too long, I was hard again and they both came back to join me on the bed.

At this point, there were all kinds of positions explored. They both worked another blow job, my wife laid down and she sucked my cock while the escort licker her pussy, I fucked the escort from behind while she licked my wife’s pussy, I fucked my wife from behind while she licked my wife’s pussy, my wife went sat on my cock while the escort sat on my face. Fucking each from behind while the other was licking pussy was a very hot view of these women. I could see an ass, lots of legs, tits and heard lots of moans and groans. While my wife was riding my cock and the escort was sitting on my face, my wife noticed the escort's tattoos, which she enjoyed, and was looking at everyone in the mirror near the bed. This really turned her on.

Not sure how many times everyone came nor where we all ended up. But there were hot naked bodies, hands touching everyone, hands busy touching others and everyone just having a great time.

After Brooklyn left, my wife and I enjoyed a good laugh and a sigh of relief for not being arrested. That night, my wife was still horny and she woke me up at 4 in the morning for another round. There was more licking and sucking and my wife asked that I fuck her really hard from behind and cum inside of her, since that did not happen on our adventure. I gladly obliged and we were both satisfied again.


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Mar 1, 2012 08:52 AM - 3 + - by dabsmb (man)


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